3 weeks
User specific knife. Finished model blade must be made from aluminum, handle must be made from high density foam. 

Coffee Grinder
2 weeks
Must have four different interactions; twist, slide, push, pull, open. Hopper must only hold 6-8 oz. of beans. Grinder 
must have AC cord, adjustment for grinding, and run from 5 to 60 seconds. Target MSRP $75.

Container for Household Objects
2 weeks
Design a container for household objects out of aluminum sheet metal. Only using the 20"x20" aluminum sheet provided. Fasteners are permitted (rivets, screws, bolts). No welding or brazing.

Hot Glue Gun
2 weeks
Injection molded adult hot glue gun, one handed use only.  In the $20 to $25 price range.
Must use a standard mini hot glue stick. (4 in long x 0.27 diameter) and  110 V AC cord. 

2 weeks
Create a fully functioning prototype. Must run off 4 AA batteries, with specific use case.

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