Taking time to slow down our mornings​​​​​​​
Slowing down gives us the opportunity to wake up and enjoy morning rituals that start our day. 
Branching away from the digital products that encourage our rushed morning routines.

Back to analog​​​​​​​
Exploring slowing down led me on a path to non-electric toasters. Popular in the 1920's and used on coal, gas, wood stoves or over a campfire.

A nod to the antique stovetop toasters of the past.

CMF Inspiration
 A durable maple wood handle and enameled cast iron body create an extended product life due to material durability. The cast iron also allows the ability to mold material into the unique form. Ceramic coated to add a modern friendly look. The handle and base are oak to withstand high temperatures as well as protect user from the hot cast iron.


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