Form + CMF Exploration
After trend forecasting, we additionally asked young adults in this age range to select two colorways they would purchase. Each mark is a response. The previous responses were hidden at their time of selection. 
Final Concept
This wearable was designed with the idea that giving blood pressure a physical presence would help the prehypertensive users become more proactive toward their blood pressure goals.

The user is able to set a blood pressure goal within Lo's App. This helps to take large less comprehensive numbers and put them into smaller groupings to create a personalized experience that promotes goal attainability.
The main screen allows users to quickly view their trends over time which is a more reliable source of overall blood pressure health, than a single reading.
Quickly swipe to the left to see your current reading, personalized notes, and educational information. 
Tap Lo to display goal progression.
Removable silicone band and face cover allow user flexibility to match their current style preferences, adding longevity to the tech components. Metal tech housing and bands give a medical companion a jewelry aesthetic.
Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor takes blood pressure by measuring changes in light absorption. This is the result of blood volume fluctuations in microvascular tissue.
Easily charge the battery by removing the bracelet cap and syncing Lo up to the magnetic charging cord.
In order to enforce the importance of blood pressure trends over time being more beneficial than erratic fluctuations through the day, minimal information is displayed on the face. To focus users on their personal goal progression.

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